Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rachael's Back Bay Escada Escapades

Yesterday, I went to clear out the closets of Faye - a Boston Socialite. She is closing out her Back Bay Apartment after years of parties, shopping and luncheons. Faye answered the door in black rimmed glasses that reminded me of Iris Apfel. The walls behind her were a papered in a black floral similar to the 70's blouse that I was wearing (phew I had chosen the right outfit for our appointment!) She said, "You want klinky? (maybe a 60's word) I have klinky."

We started with the closet in one of the bedrooms. She pulled out a mauve mohair feather trimmed cape with matching hat and skirt from London circa 1970. Next came Alberto Cavalli, she showed me a hand-painted leather jacket with pants, a corduroy jacket and denim and leather skirt with a breathtaking Native American goddess image hand-painted by Cavalli himself. The next closet must have been the luncheon closet, it was filled entirely with Escada and St. John sets.

We usually only consign at the Raspberry Beret, but since Faye is moving to Florida, I did a buyout. When the price was agreed upon I filled the brass dolly up with goodies. Faye had a lunch date to attend so I quickly loaded up everything, emptying her three closets of all of her fluffiness, leather and couture to be looked at later at the shop. I arrived at the store with plenty of treats for Mariel and Kerry. They were especially delighted by a wild 80's white leather jacket and amazing headpieces.

When we were inventorying I looked up some of the labels. This pink dress is designed by Ferarra. He made one-of-a-kind pieces for Cher, Tina Turner and many other entertainers.

This red number is from a boutique in Boca Raton. The dress has a 1930's drop waist, the jacket has a flowy 1980's cut.

The Escada and St. John collection was immense. While this isn't our typical fare at Raspberry Beret, we cannot argue with the amazing quality and fine fabrics. We now have a selection of beautiful silk blouses and blazers. The highlight is a red leopard three piece suit. I hope someone finds this Escada gem for the holidays. It retailed for a few grand. We are selling it at Raspberry Beret for $400.

Altogether this buyout was a fun experience. I can't wait until she calls me to pick up her costume jewelery and hope she gives our Raspberry Beret card to her friends.

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  1. man oh man! i love that fringed head piece, you know i would totally rock that look ;) what did we do to deserve such a great job? We must be some kind of GOOD