Wednesday, November 23, 2011

TurningArt at Raspberry Beret

Hi everybody, it's Julie from the Cambridge store here. A lot of you ask about the artwork we have hanging in our store and I wanted to share some information about TurningArt with you.

TurningArt is a really cool art rotation service based here in Boston. NPR called it "Netflix for art." You sign up for a subscription and make a queue of the art you like. TurningArt will send you a custom made frame and then you can rotate prints of the artwork from your queue as often as you choose. The best part is that every dollar of your subscription is actually a credit. So when you fall in love with a print from your rotation you can use the credit to buy the original!

So, what do I love most about TurningArt - besides the fact that my husband created it? Well, it's a fantastic way to explore art and it makes owning original art accessible to everyone. The TurningArt website allows you to browse their work by categories such as style, artist, region, price and even color. So, even if you have no idea what you're interested in, they make it easy to narrow down. I also really love that this gives artists an entirely new way to share their work with the world.

TurningArt is running a special 20% off gift subscription promotion this weekend - you can give someone a gift subscription for only $24! - so now is the perfect time to take a look at their website and see what it's all about. Also, enjoy a peek at some of the pieces we have on our queue at Raspberry Beret!

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