Sunday, November 20, 2011

Vintage Modern

My favorite part of my wardrobe (and of Raspberry Beret) is that I have vintage and modern clothing that can work seamlessly together. I have always had a passion for finding vintage clothing and I thrive on the search for the ultimate find. I do not, however, want to look like I am directly copying a certain era or style. I am, as I get older especially, looking to incorporate quality, unique vintage pieces into my wardrobe to work with the modern, trendy pieces that I purchase. I do love classic silhouettes from many eras but I enjoy achieving that "look" with a modern feel. 
So this outfit incorporates modern pieces, like the blouse and skirt with a couple of vintage finds like the 1980s  cardigan, the necklace and the suede 1980s belt. I love the color palette and the silhouette. Raspberry Beret is a perfect place to achieve such a look. You can find modern, trendy pieces as well as quality vintage. 

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