Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Considering Layers

 The cold weather has finally reached Boston and it's definitely time to start adding a few extra layers when you get dressed in the morning.  But consider your bottom layer carefully, people!  Everyone's got the heat blasting and you never know when you might be shedding a coat and sweater.

This is how Emily Gelfman looked when she walked into our Cambridge store earlier this week....

Cute, professional - exactly how you'd expect a Grad Student at Brandeis to look.  But, then!  The sweater came off and suddenly, Emily's tee shirt transported back us back to her freshman year at a Catholic Jesuit high school in rural Indiana where she and her classmates rocked the cornfields by starting a 'diversity club'.  We heard a great story about the controversial rainbow logo wasn't even approved before the shirts went to print - gasp!

We've all been there.  You're sweating your fanny off because someone's blasting the heat in your office but you can't take your sweater off because you're wearing a skanky tank top that would surely get you fired or at least earn you a reputation as the office harlot.  Or you go to a friend's house and they ask you to please take your winter boots off before coming inside but you can't possibly because you have two different socks on and one of them is full of holes. 

All I'm saying is, think ahead and really consider those bottom layers that you don't think anyone is going to see...and GO BREBEUF JESUIT UNITY CLUB!

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