Saturday, May 26, 2012

No Shortage of Hats at Raspberry!

Do YOU need a hat?  YES, you DO!
Kick your favorite summer outfit up a notch with one of these!

Don Anderson straw hat with feather, $26

Raspberry Felt Hat, $22

Shepard Vintage Magenta Velvet Hat, $26

Stitched flowers Vintage hat, $26

Straw hat with maroon band tied, $20

Beach Hat with Broad Rim, $14

Vintage Black Hat with Netting, $30

Vintage Black Gathered Stretchy Hat, $12

Green Large-Brimmed Hat with Two Bows, $24

Black and Gold Floral Sunhat, $14

Coral Fedora, $14

Elephant Cap, $14

Pink Fedora with Black Band and Bow, $16

1 comment:

  1. I wanted the red fedora and tried it on, but alas! it was too small for me...
    (I similarly spied a BEAUTIFUL pair of nude heels and tried them on...too big!)
    Sincerely, I felt like Dorothy in the House of the Three Bears until I spotted a beautiful leather violent and beige purse in almost mint condition. It felt like the "just right" porridge bowl!