Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Jewelry! 6/30

Earrings $26

Feather necklace $14

Fuzzy Belly Owl necklace $24

Peacock Feathers necklace $24

Friday, June 29, 2012

Raspberry Beret earrings spotted!

Tonight while I was out with Lisa at Turners in Melrose, I recognized the  earrings  on our waitress Brigid from Raspberry Beret. Then Lisa's friend Maura came up to us and mentioned that her earrings were from Raspberry Beret. Well we already knew all about them, because earlier in the day we heard a cute story about a boy going into Raspberry Beret with ten dollars to buy his mother a birthday present- what a sweetheart! He had asked her to wear them out tonight!  The earring connection brought our day full circle.

Lisa having fun is a Theory silk fushia shift, in Wakefield.

Lisa is having fun shopping with some of our new arrivals.
Bcbg shorts
Banana republic tank
White + warren cardigan

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Let's Celebrate Vintage!

Available at Raspberry Beret

70's Yellow Shirt $24, 70's Yellow Skirt $28

70's Patchwork Skirt $32

Dizzy-fying 70's Striped Skirt $24

Laura Ashley Vintage Floral Skirt $20, Yellow Hat $22

40's Pink Button Down Dress $78

40's Denim Romper $64

40's Black Cocktail Gown $150

70's Yellow Plaid Dress $80

Sunshine Starshine Long Pant Romper $18, Vintage Sunhat $24

80's Red Buttoned Dress $24

70's Long Narrow Quilted Skirt $28

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New With Tags in Cambridge

 Poleci, Size 8, $52

Jerome L'Huillier, Size L, $87

 Tom Scott, Size M, $54

 Rossi Roma, Size S, $115

 Cache, Size 2, $60

 Herve Leger, Size XS, $256

 Jethero, Size L, $26

Cynthia Steffe, Size M, $78

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Time for DRESS UP!!!

...Time for DRESS UP!!!

Charlotte Ronson navy dress size XS $70

H&M Strapless Dress size 6, $12

H&M long sleeve cream dress, size S $10

Mariel is rockin' it!
She couldn't resist taking this skirt home with her !

Venus Leather Strapless Dress with lace-up back, size 2 $32

Eva couldn't resist purchasing this adorable H&M tool dress
Zara School Girl Dress size M $18

Express silver halter dress, size 4 $20

J. Crew top, size XS $32

Cheryl Wrap Top, size S $12 paired with a black straight skirt

Thursday, June 14, 2012

In Cambridge Now...

 J. Crew, Size 0, $58

 Garnet Hill (NEW WITH TAGS), Size XL, $64

Laundry (NEW WITH TAGS), Size 8, $55

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mariel and Eva's Favorite Looks Available at Raspberry Beret

 Mariel and Eva's Favorite Looks
Available at Raspberry Beret

Glasses $15

South West Summer
Tribal Print Handmade T size M $20, Red Shorts size 12 $14

 Periwinkle Princess
Daisy Cocktail Dress, size S $28

Eva says, Better Than "Jersey Shore"
Marciano Cocktail dress size M, $48

Color Popping Power
Majora green and black print dress, size M $28
Rachel Nasvik Neon and Black Purse, $210 ($448 @ retail) 

 The Girl at the Cocktail Party
David's Bridal Magenta Cocktail Dress size 2, $30

Sweet as Pie
Lucca Dress size S, $30
Necklace, $20

 The "Hip Vintage Chic"
 Alpha Cubic Top/Skirt Set size S, $45

Oh, What a SPLENDID Afternoon!
Archipelago White Lace Dress size S, $14
Vintage lace gloves, $12

Calypso Skirt size XS, $76

 Drinks at 9?
Kenneth Cole lace up Heels size 6 $22, Black Skirt size M $11, Top $14

Earthy Girl
Vintage 1960's Honolulu Blue Dress size S $160, Feather Headband $8