Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Maternity Style - 10 Weeks

We get tons of phone calls from women asking if Raspberry Beret carries maternity clothes.  We don't unfortunately, but shopping second hand is actually a great (and affordable) way for pregnant women to find cute clothes that fit their bump - especially in the early to mid stages of pregnancy.  Your body changes so much throughout and after pregnancy.  It's great to find ways to incorporate as many of your regular clothes as possible and there are plenty of tricks to help you along the way.

I'll be posting a series of 'non-maternity' pregnancy outfit photos over the next few gazillion months until I give birth to my second baby this summer.  Let's start with what I wore to work a few weeks ago before I 'went public' with our baby news.  It's all cute stuff that I got at Raspberry Beret but I looked a little frumpy in the middle and needed a belt.  At 10 weeks, I was already getting a little bigger in the waist and couldn't button my jeans (hence the long blouse).

Wearing a vest or a little sweater over a blouse can be a great way to both cover up or define your waist line - depending on what you do with it.  I first tried putting a belt over the vest but the look wasn't flattering and definitely made me look bigger than I was.

The belt under the vest looked much better!  Even though I had to wear it higher than I normally would, it still gave me a little definition around my waist and pulled the outfit together nicely.  No frump on the bump!

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