Sunday, May 26, 2013

Creams and Whites

Ready for the warm weather?  
These flowy white and cream dresses, tops and skirts are sure to get you in the mood.

Speed Control, Size M, $16

Eileen Fisher (NWT), Size XL, $139
Ivanka Trump, $48

Moa Moa, Size M, $10

Robert Rodriguez, Size 4, $49

Lulumari, Size S, $28

Eileen Fisher (NWT), Size XL, $84
Aziz, Size L, $25

Calvin Klein, Size M, $14

Hanii Y, Size S, $34

Doreen, Size S, $21

Bella, Size S, $11

Vintage, Size S, $18

Maick Harold, Size S, $34

Double Zero, Size L, $36

I Love H81, Size S, $18

No label, Size M, $32

Ali Ro, Size 10, $48

Sana Souci, Size L, $18

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