Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cambridge Street Team Photoshoot

We had a little Street Team Photo Shoot in our Cambridge store over the weekend and even had a couple of shoppers jump in on the fun.  Our talented 'shop girl' Ariel Kessler took all of the photos and you'll be seeing more of them on our Facebook and Instagram pages over the next couple of weeks.

The Raspberry Beret Street Team is a group of creative, energetic and amazing young women who share our love for second hand shopping.  You'll see them shopping in our stores, at your schools and special events, or just out around town.  Chances are - they'll be wearing something adorable they found at the Beret.  Get to know these girls!  They've always got coupons, deals and fashion secrets up their sleeves.

Interested in being part of our Street Team?  Click HERE for more information.

Raspberry Beret Shopper, Lucy

Raspberry Beret Shopper, Marney

Street Team Member ,Chloe

Lucy, Marney and Chloe looking lovely on our new bench outside the Cambridge store.

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