Monday, December 9, 2013

Sarah J. Browne Modeling Raspberry Beret

The following post was submitted by Raspberry Beret customer Sarah J. Browne.  Sarah is a writer, activist and model.  She is currently signed with John Robert Powers in Boston.  If you'd like learn more about Sarah you can visit her website at or her Facebook page. 

Classy Timeless Looks at Raspberry Beret
By Sarah J. Browne

I enjoyed doing two photo series wearing clothes from Raspberry Beret. The first was shot by Emily Tebbetts, who also won a national contest to photograph Taylor Swift. The second was shot by Gordon Ovenshine, photographer at my undergraduate school, Slippery Rock University.

When I first walked into Raspberry Beret in Cambridge, I fell in love. The atmosphere, picture of Audrey Hepburn hanging on the wall, the clothes which were timeless and elegant and ranging in prices and the customer service was great. My wardrobe slowly started to shift toward Raspberry Beret clothes, and here is what came of it:

First Photo Series shot by Emily Tebbetts, modeled by Sarah J Browne:

Second Photo Series (below) shot by Gordon Ovenshine, modeled by Sarah J Browne:

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